Astrakhan City Children' Home

Đóńńęŕ˙ Âĺđńč˙

In Astrakhan, in the center of the residential complex in Bumazhniki Avenue, Trusov district, just near a kindergarten where fathers and mothers bring their children in the morning and from where they take them home in the evening, there is a Children’s Home. Here live and are brought up 105 children who, for some reason or other, as fate has willed, are left in solitude and deprived of parents kindness.

The care of these children is being taken by the staff of the Children’s Home, consisting of doctors, educators, nurses junior wards and the managerial group.

All these people work selflessly, putting much effect and energy into the rehabilitation, medical treatment and upbringing of these helpless children, thus making as far as is possible, an atmosphere of homely cordiality and comfort.

Our institution is specialized, children kept in it are suffering from the organic defect of CNS, breaches in a psyche state of mind, infantic cerebral paralysis - at the age from the birth up to 4.

Some children are seriously ill and need constant medical care, but most of the children are quite well and can become valuable people, they are willingly adopted by both Russia’s citizens and those from the USA. The adoption practice proves that our children don’t practically differ from their coevals living in families, they are easily adopted it the family conditions, master the language of another country, reveal abilities for creative work and education. All the staff always feel great joy when the children are taken into families.

But we face a problem of creating fitting conditions for life and development of our children, while they are in our institution.

Astrakhan City Children’s Home is a budgetary organization and despite the help of the City Administration and of City Health Services, the possibilities of the budget are extremely limited, and we have got so many problems: it is necessary to build a subsidiary block for the wash-house and the cook-house, to substitute the old equipment in them, the children’s old furniture (cradles, cofs) need replacement.

We are short of bedclothes, swaddling clothes, all these are worn out soon, because they are disinfected every day. We are extremely short of good footwear and clothes for children.

Of course we‘d like to have those nice developing toys and models for children, which our educators and children can only see in magazines.

While preparing this web page for the internet we hope that we shan’t be left alone with our problems. Let all who’ll happen to read it think at least for a minute about how it’s awful when a child almost from the very birth runs into greet and injustice that he is yet unable to understand.

Yet it’s in your and in our power to make these children’s life easier.

For everybody who wants to and can help us here are the requisites of Astrakhan City Children’s Home:

Russia, 414042, city of Astrahan, Bumazhnikov street, 10 «a»
Telephone/fax: +7 (8512) 57-13-11, 57-29-81

Account number: 40703810705040062001 (Pay account)
OSB of Astrahan , No. 8625 city of Astrahan
Correspondence account: 30101810800000000602
BIK: 041203602
INN: 3018004774

Head physician of the City Particularized Children Home,
Candidate of Medical Science

Ludmila P.Usmanova